Pinko: Nova Marca Disponível na Aqua Del Doq

Pinko: New Brand Available at Aqua Del Doq

Pinko, currently under Caterina Negra, is the new Italian house available on the Aqua Del Doq website. 

The Italian brand was founded by Pietro Negra and Cristina Rubini in 1980 and has always been recognized for its long dresses and elegant pieces. Instead of simply following the trends, Pinko creates beautiful clothes with cuts that will always be your favorite in all seasons.

The Autumn/Winter 2020/2021 collection, available on our website, is inspired by the unique glamor that characterized the city of Paris in the 70s, where each piece and each detail carries a sensuality that is very characteristic of the city of love.

THE New Icons it's an invitation, in a collection format, to leave the comfort zone and venture out with looks bolder and out of the box, taking risks in pieces that reflect all the confidence of those who wear them.

In addition to the elegance that defines this entire collection, we highlight the colors bold that promise to complete their looks always with a touch of irreverence. Comfort is also present in all the pieces with details that remind us of the silhouettes of the 90s.

Discover this collection that promises all comfort and daring on here

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